PGP Key signing policy of Emelie Graven

Key covered by this policy

pub   ed25519 2021-09-27 [SC]
uid           [ultimate] Emelie Graven <>
uid           [ultimate] Emelie Graven <>
sub   ed25519 2021-09-27 [S]
sub   cv25519 2021-09-27 [E] [expires: 2023-03-06]
sub   ed25519 2021-09-27 [A] [expires: 2023-03-06]

Certification levels

I use three levels of certification when signing keys. Each certification level also encompasses the requirements of levels below it.

Signing process

Steps 1 through 2 are only required for casual and positive certification, steps 3 through 5 are always required.

  1. The signee’s identity is verified according to the requirements.
  2. The signee gives me a physical copy of their key fingerprint, or in the case of verification over video chat, the fingerprint is supplied verbally.
  3. The signee sends me a signed email from each email address corresponding to a UID they want signed.
  4. I will reply to each email with the signed key in encrypted form.
  5. The signee decrypts the signed keys and optionally publishes them.


I appreciate if anyone whose keys I sign would return the favour and sign my keys in accordance with their own signing policy.

A signed markdown version of this document can be found here.


2021-11-21: Initial release